This schedule is currently tentative. 

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4:30 - 5:00 pm

Bayonet - Stuart Lacy and Mike Gilding

Singlestick - Jonathan Gordon

Ringen - Doug Perritt

Egyptian Khopesh - Nick Bulan

The Two Sword Method of Domingo Godinho - Ryan Neale

Ms I.33: Evolving Interpretations - Isaiah Baden-Payne and Mike Gilding

German Stoßfechten (Smallsword) - Jeremy Steflik

Nguni Stick Fighting - Osa NKante


 Instructors and Class Descriptions


Nick Bulan - Egyptian Khopesh


Osa NKante - Ngunti Stick Fighting


Doug Perritt - Ringen

Isaiah Baden-Payne and Mike Gilding - Ms I.33: Evolving Interpretations

MS I.33 is a challenging but ever rewarding source to study within the HEMA corpus. We invite you to join us in examining our current interpretation in the ever evolving world of study that surrounds this esoteric, but fascinating manual. Our model of interpretation is intended to produce a fighting style that is applicable against other systems at high speed and intensity, but which is still measured, controlled, efficient, and, most importantly, pleasing to look at and play with. This workshop will discuss the context of sword and buckler combat, both historically and in contemporary tournament practice. We will discuss our interpretation of some of the core actions described in the manual as functional tools to be used in open sparring, and then as components of the many plays MS i.33 offers us.

Gear requirements: a single handed sword ideally less than 36 inches in length, and a buckler. There will be a small number of loaner bucklers available, but their availability is not guaranteed.

Jonathan MacKenzie Gordon - Singlestick

Stuart Lacy and Mike Gilding - Bayonet

In this class, we will be introducing a brief history of the bayonet as a weapon, context for the use of the rifle mounted  bayonet, and the basics of fighting with a bayonet.  We will also cover both historical and modern bayonet drills.  The class will include tactics for use and employment in combat.  

The class will focus on guards, and basic attacks/counterattacks. Our source material includes Angelo's Bayonet Exercise (1857), Cary's Bayonet Exercise and Skirmisher's Drill  (1861), and FM 3-25.150 Army Combatives (2004).

If you have a bayonet trainer, please bring it! We have a limited number.

Ryan Neale - Two Sword Method of Domingo Godinho

Before La Veradera Destreza became the official fencing system of Spain, another system held sway. Domingo Godinho’s text, the only known surviving complete text of his tradition contains information on the use of the Montante, single sword with companion weapons, techniques against treachery, and two swords. In this class, students will learn some of the solo forms or rules of using two swords possibly including to fend off multiple opponents in narrow alleyways, surrounded in a crossroads, and having to defend a woman. There will be leaping and spinning and ostensibly much mirth. There will be no partner work, only solo drilling, so protective gear should not be required unless you are particularly unlucky/accident prone.

Required equipment: Two single-handed swords, two sticks, or similar.

Jeremy Steflik - German Stoßfechten According to Kreussler's Principles

Wilhelm Kreussler developed a system of fencing in the early 17th century that dominated German thrust-fencing until the end of the 19th century. Aside from the Kreussler family dynasty, which included more than 20 Fencing Masters, his system was taught throughout the 19th century by two branches of the tradition: The Roux family and the Berliner Turnschule. In this class we'll cover the basics of German Stoßfechten according to principles established, but never written down, by Kreussler or his family. We'll then look at a family of techniques that two contemporary Masters had very different views on, present both their cases, and let you decide on the usefulness. If time permits, we'll cover alternatives to the techniques that accomplish the same goal in slightly different ways.

Equipment requirements: jacket, mask, light fencing glove, light weight training sword (stoßrappier) - the equivalent of a foil, epee, or smallsword. Some loaners will be available.