For another successful AutumnFecht!

We hope to see you in November 2019!

What is AutumnFecht?

AutumnFecht is an effort by Maryland KdF to provide a cheap, single-day get together for regional HEMA practitioners to train, get together, educate staff, and share ideas. 

This single day event features:

  • Informative classes from local instructors
  • Time set aside for one-on-one or small group instruction
  • Dedicated open floor space all day long
  • NEW this year - THREE full courts!

If you have any suggestions or questions, especially if you’re a local who would expect to make these kinds of events, please let us know!

Instructor List

Isaiah Baden-Payne, Maryland KdF 
Nick Bulan, Steel City Historical Fencing
Mike Gilding, Maryland KdF
Jonathon MacKenzie Gordon, VAF
Stuart Lacy, Maryland KdF
Ryan Neale, Swordwind
Osa NKante
Doug Perritt
Jeremy Steflik, WSTR