Thank you all for a successful AutumnFecht!

See you next year!

What is AutumnFecht?

AutumnFecht is an effort by Maryland KdF to provide a cheap, single-day get together for regional HEMA practitioners to train, get together, educate staff, and share ideas. This will be an event similar to the ever popular Shortpoint series. 

This single day event features:

  • A special tournament judging class taught by "Evil" Ben Jarashow
  • Classes from well-known, local instructors
  • Time set aside for one-on-one or small group instruction
  • Dedicated open floor space all day long.

If you have any suggestions or questions, especially if you’re a local who would expect to make these kinds of events, please let us know.

Instructor List

Travis Mayott of Maryland KdF
Ben Jarashow of Maryland KdF
Jake Priddy of Fenris KdF
Jonathan Gordon of VAF
James Clark of Capital KdF
Jake Kelly of PA Klopffechters